Recording Policy

We understand that in today’s age, sharing of special moments and recording of life’s events is easier than ever. While some venues are appropriate for documenting our experiences and even sharing through social media, we feel strongly that our facility is not one of those venues.
Unfortunately, recording of any type in our facility can often lead to unintended consequences. Often, patients may text or record (or have recorded) words or actions that they later regret, particularly if shared on social media. Their companions may inadvertently record images or voices of other patients violating their right to privacy, particularly given the setting.
For these reasons, as well as federal right to privacy regulations, our practice strictly forbids recording of any type while either in the facility or on our property without our prior written authorization. We respectfully ask that you or anyone who accompanies you to abide by this policy. Failure to sign this document or comply with this policy may lead to our refusal to treat you, dismissal from our practice and/or being asked to leave the facility and property.

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